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This package contains the following items:
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ350 Multi Format Players
  • 1 x Pioneer DJM350 Mixer
  • 1 x Pioneer HDJ500 Heeadphones 
  • 1 x Pioneer Coffin Flighcase
  • All Necessary Leads

The CDJ/DJM350 pack is one of the most popular Pioneer combinations on the market. Offering high end Pro DJ functionality at low end prices, this is a must for entry level to intermediate users. The CDJ350 boasts support for Pioneer Rekordbox software, USB sticks, hard disks, and CDs; and the DJM350 has 4 DSP effects, recording facility to a USB storage device, and two pairs of RCA master outputs. As well as all this, we've inlcuded some Pioneer HDJ500 DJ headphones and a flightcase, so that you're ready to mix, and transport your gear round safely, straight away. We're sure you'll agree, this system has more features than you can shake a memory stick at! 


What you get:

Pioneer CDJ350:

The all Pioneer CDJ350 is an affordable, user friendly CD deck that offers effortless, straightforward DJ performance operation of its feature packed design. Compatible with all of the standard audio formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF, the Pioneer CDJ350 offers versatility never before seen in a DJ CD deck. Allowing you to play back via CD or USB device, as well as regular music CD's so you can enjoy DJing with all types of media and audio formats.

Supplied with the Pioneer CDJ350 is the awesome music management software Rekordbox. Connecting the Pioneer CDJ350 via usb to your computer, this software not only analyses the BPM and beat positions of songs, but enables you to select by genre, album and artist. Also at the press of a button a song can be transferred to a playlist in rekordbox, allowing you to organise and remember tracks you have played for use in a later session. All of this information is saved for next time you go for a mix. The other function of the Pioneer CDJ350's USB connection is the ability to control MIDI compatible DJ software, allowing you to take full control of your audio library. At the same time it can act as an audio interface, so the audio from your compatible DJ software will come out of the RCA output on the back of the CDJ350, eliminating the need for a DJ audio interface or complex wiring.


Pioneer DJM350:

The Pioneer DJM350 is the most affordable of the Pioneer DJM range. As always, Pioneer have produced a trustworthy mixer that inherits many features from its older DJM brothers. The Pioneer DJM350 enables you to record every last nuance of your performance by simply plugging in a USB memory device. Saved as a WAV audio file, this removes the need of a computer or recording device, but can then be imported, listened back to and edited on your computer or audio player later.

The subtle yet powerful trademark effects on the Pioneer DJM350 will help you build energy and climax, without overpowering the mix. The four effects (filter, crush, jet and gate) are controlled from a single knob that can be twisted left or right to create a combination of sounds when using multiple effects at the same time. Also included is the renowned Pioneer high and low pass filter (taken straight from the Pioneer DJM800) and 3 band isolator EQ on each channel, allowing standard control over your inputs with the added quality you would expect from Pioneer.


Pioneer HDJ500:

The HDJ-500 DJ headphones are designed for a flexible DJ lifestyle by adapting to both DJing at home, in the club or auditioning your dance music on the go.

Using technology from headphones further up the range as well as new innovations, the HDJ-500 makes monitoring the tempo of dance music more accurate than before.


Pioneer Coffin Case:

Lightweight, durable and custom-made for this system, the Pioneer Coffin Flightcase is the best solution for safely getting your gear to your destination, and protecting it during use.



This package also includes all the leads that you need to get started, free of charge!

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